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Getting Started

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    Get Started


    COI is a free & open standard that is built on top of the IMAP and SMTP standards.

    The COI ecosystem is made up of the COI Standard plus compatible Client Apps and Email Servers.

    COI works with all email servers, but IMAP servers can be enhanced with extra COI capability. These extra capabilities make the development of both services and applications much easier and more powerful.

    Developer Resources
    •  Visit for specifications and samples.
    •  Join the COI developer mailing list by sending a mail to
    Developing COI Apps

    If you want to develop a COI app, there are several options:

    • Extend an existing COI app such as OX COI Messenger.
    • Use a COI-compatible client middleware component such as Delta Chat Core.
    • Use the COI specifications along with any IMAP and SMTP library.
    Developing COI Services & Bots
    • As COI is based on email, you can provide services such as help desk integrations in the same way as with email.
    • To create a bot you just need an email account plus some form of natural language processing. When you format your responses according to the COI specifications, it will be understood by any COI compatible app as well as any email client.
    Developing COI Servers

    To make your IMAP server compatible with COI, you need to implement the COI specifications.


    Visit for tutorials.